Circulatory System

Circulatory System

The world is happening right now and we only can experiment instances of it. Can you imagine how many airplanes are flying right now? How many people are displaced from their home countries to another totally different culture? The world is totally connected, producing international relations intellectually, culturally, economically and emotionally.

With this project, I want to concentrate poetically an instant of everything that is happening in the atmosphere right now. Presenting it in a light interface, all the the air traffic movements of the planet.

The project brings the planet to human scale where people can reflect between the macro, the circulation of the atmosphere and the micro, the circulatory system of their own bodies.

In humans, the blood circulates, transport and delivers necessary nutrients and oxygen to the cells.

The project metaphors human body circulation with aerial transportation, where the air traffic is producing a continuous flux of happenings, affections, energies, it is connecting distances and cultures, producing life.

The project presents a software that maps and displays worldwide airlines routes in a graphic full of generative lines moving. Every single scheduled flight on any given day is represented by a colorful line from its point of origin to the airport of destination, forming a net of thousands of light colorful lines. Hubs like JFK turn into heavy condensed nodes where lines meet, while local routes are only slightly discernible.

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