Anaisa Franco

I am searching for the expansion of the human senses


I intend to artistically elaborate an “affective” situation where people expand their senses through the interaction with the sculptures by creating new shapes, relationships and experiences between the people, the subjects chosen and the technological material we have available in the market.

Anaisa Franco has one year of M-Arch 1 at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles. A Master in Digital Art and technology at University of Plymouth in England, UK and graduated in Visual Arts at FAAP in Sao Paulo.

In the last years she has been developing New media artworks in Medialabs, residencies and commissions such as Medialab Prado, Mecad, MIS, Hangar, Taipei Artist Village, China Academy of Public Art Research Center, Mediaestruch, Cite des Arts, ZKU, SP_Urban, MAC Fenosa, Experimenta Melbourne Biennale, CCS, Vivid Light Festival in Sydney, Itaú Cultural and others.

Mostly of the works were developed by grants and prizes and has been exhibiting in America, Asia and Europe as the as EXIT Festival in Paris; ARCO Madrid in Spain; Europalia in Brussels; Live Ammo at MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, Taiwan; TÉKHNE at MAB Museum of Brazilian Art in São Paulo, Brazil; Sonarmática at CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain; the 5th Seoul International Media Art Bienalle, Seoul, Korea; Vision Play at Medialab PRADO; Experimenta Biennial in Australia and many others. I am searching for the expansion of the human senses by building sculptural interfaces that interconnect the physical with the digital using concepts of psychology, cognitive science and dreams providing behaviours, feelings and imagination for the sculptures and installations.

As an artist, I want to communicate and be closer to people. I am interested in reaching out for situations that escape from our control, new means of perceiving and expanding our reality via artistic experimentation with technological new materials. Rethinking the role of art in our contemporary technological society means expanding the subjects we are daily confronted with and the spaces we inhabit, in order to expand and enrich our lives with an added aesthetic and creative dimension. I am interested in the realm of the collective, beyond the private dimension of art and enhancing the channel of communication with people: this is why I am particularly fascinated by the power of interactive art and public art.

In this way, political and cultural relations between scandinavia and the rest of europe, especially germany, as well as specifically scandinavian characteristics can be hausarbeit kaufen seen from different angles.

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